Brandenburg’s Jewelry

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It was in August of 1924 that A.R. Brandenburg came to Independence and opened his jewelry store at 205 1st St. E (The Brandenburg store in Waverly goes back to 1896) Mr. A.R. Brandenburg was a jeweler and optometrist and owned the building where “Total Image” is now located (2015). other businesses that have been at this address include: Dan jones Jewelry, R. H. Groves Jewelry, Fussel Jewelry, VanDenover’s Jewelry and Dan’s Shoe Repair. Mr. Brandenburg grew up in the world of optometrists and jewelers. His father established his store and the practice of optometry in Waverly in 1896. A.R. Brandenburg was born in Waverly in 1898. He married Ada White in 1925 in Waverly. It was very sad when Brandenburg’s closed their store – many still remember the display cases that lined the walls. Charles Tidball was an employee as a watchmaker for several years. Many young couple bought their wedding rings there and had their wedding list of crystal and silver. The picture shows the Independence 125th parade 1972, but still showing is Brandenburg’s in the background.