Freedom Rock

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The site of the Buchanan Co. Freedom Rock is at Heartland Acres Agribition Center in the north parking lot. “Bubba” intends on doing all 99 counties before he has finished this project. This is considered to be a unique 99 piece mural across Iowa. Fur further infomration on his project google Freedom Rock Iowa.

If rocks and stones could talk – they would tell of battles fought in their fields, the blood spilled and sacrifices given on the alter of freedom. Veteran’s Day brings memories of loved ones that died in those fields. The Buchanan Co. Freedom Rock shows Capt. D.S. Lee as leading the Independence Guards in Civil War, coming back to be elected as the first Mayor of Independence and later in life becoming elected as Representative in the Iowa State Legislature.

Also depicted is Admiral Yarnell, who was born near Independence in the year 1875. His Naval career spanned 51 years and 3 wars. He resided in Newport, Rhode Island until his death in 1959. A ship of the U.S. Navy was named in honor of Admiral Harry E. Yarnell. It was originally called a ‘destroyer leader’ or frigate, in 1975 was re-designated a cruiser and decommissioned in 1993.

The 1945 Case SI tractor, also painted on the Buchanan Co. Freedom Rock was used to maintain and repair aircraft runways, perform other construciton jobs in battle zones, mow US Air Bases, repair runways in remote areas, tow anti-submarine aircraft, fill bomb craters in battle zones and haul mobile weapons. It was used behind enemy lines when needed and is on display at Heartland Acres.

Take a tour of all the rocks.