Ice Companies in Independence

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In 1880 three ice companies were doing business in Independence, namely: T.J. Marinus & Son, Kandy & Co. and C.E. Burr, and an immense amount of ice was put up.  Marinus owned an ice house that would store 1,000 tons and numerous private firms and creameries were supplied by them.  The summer of 1880 was such a poor one for the ice business that practically their entire storage was yet unconsumed when it was time to store the next year’s crop, which owing to an extremely early & cold winter was harvested in November.  Ice was not a necessity in those days, and the business rather an uncertain venture.

People’s Ice Company was organized in November 1904.  The following officers were elected: President, J.N. Barr; Vice-president, C.W. Stites, Secretary, George Cameron, Treasurer, Jay Smith.  The directors were J.N. Barr, C.W. Stites, George Cameron, A. Hageman, David Kaplan, J.B. Allen & Jay Smith.  Over one hundred stockholders were secured.  The company purchased the Hayford residence property on the river bank in the Fourth Ward and commenced immediately to erect a large icehouse thereon.  The building was 36×80 ft. long.

The People’s Ice Company was organized in opposition to the Independence Ice Co., and for a time the two companies did business, but after a year or two the Independence Company got the control of the stock of the People’s Ice Company and leased the property to the Independence Ice Company, who now operate it, and the company has the distinction of being the one big trust in Independence.

(taken from History of Buchanan Co., Iowa 1914  Church & Chappell)